Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Time is NOW!

Signing up to become a Rodan & Fields Consultant has been the most liberating decision I've ever made.
I've never been so motivated to succeed than I am now.  I've never believed in a product as much as I believe in Rodan & Fields, not only because I sell it but because I USE the products and THEY WORK!

The possibilities of teaming up with Dr.'s Rodan and Fields literally make my head spin.

If only I could ignite others with the passion that I have for this company!
But alas, everyone has a mind of their own and I can only hope and wish for other's to see the beauty of this amazing company that is only getting greater by the hour!

Maybe you're interested but don't want to be that person who "bugs" others.
This isn't a get rich scheme and we don't want you to chase people around and "bug" them.  
All we ask is that you share the opportunity, share the products, and what they do with the information is up to them!

This business opportunity is so golden that we don't have to chase people around begging them to join us.
Dr.'s Rodan and Fields have already set up an amazing brand for us with their Proactiv line.
Other's will either see the amazing vision and path this company is headed and they will jump on board, or they won't, and we simply move on.

I love how Sarah Robbins, top earner for Rodan & Fields, says it.  
To paraphrase:  
         Asking others to join us in this business is like being a waitress, pouring coffee at a diner. The waitress walks around, offers the coffee. Some will say yes, some will say no, but when someone says, "no thanks", does she run away, crying and quit her job? No!  She simply keeps pouring.

That analogy sticks with me anytime I hear the word "No".

No doesn't mean means means, not now.

Everything in me wants to stand there and tell them how much they are missing out and how risk-free this business start up is.  Not because I need them but because I know Rodan & Fields can change their lives if they take the simple steps to allow it to..but all I can do is do my best to spread my excitement and then leave it up to them.

After all, it took me several months to see the opportunities Rodan and Fields has in store for me!

Here are some things I DO love telling people about my company:

Rodan & Fields is on track to be the #1 anti aging skin care line in America within THREE YEARS. 

They will be to the anti aging world what Proactiv is to the anti acne world. 

If you had had the opportunity to team up with Proactiv three years before they became #1, think of how different your life would be now.

Now take a moment to think about that opportunity being presented to you, today, with the same company, except instead of an acne skincare line, it's an anti aging skin care line. 

Then I want you to realize that you DO have the opportunity to jump on board!

The time to join is now. If you wait until they are #1, you will miss this ground floor opportunity.

Take a look and then ask yourself what you have to lose by trying?

The time is today! 

I'd love to Skype with you or chat on the phone about it if you are in the LEAST bit interested :-)

Email me at

For those of you you are skeptical but still interested in becoming a Rodan & Fields Consultant, I have a great blog post from a fellow Rodan and Fields consultant that does a wonderful job of spelling things out.

 The link I am posting is a great article that will answer a lot of your questions...make sure to read the comments below the post.

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